Singing Is A Natural High

People are often sending me articles explaining the research that is being done about the amazing and positive effects that singing has on the brain and your well being in general. Exactly! I don’t need a study or research to tell me what I’ve witnessed first hand after teaching singers and directing vocal groups for […]

Vocal Health

‘Tis the season…No I don’t mean the holidays – it’s the cold and flu season when I am surrounded by students cancelling voice lessons because they’ve lost their voice or letting me know they can’t come to a rehearsal because their head is clogged. These days we have access to all sorts of alternative methods […]

Make A Statement

It’s certainly no mistake that I became a musician. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated with sounds, their nuances and details, how some sounds made me feel different things and others gave me information about what I was hearing. For instance, I used to collect different kinds of paper because I liked the […]

It Starts With Your Breath

Developing your own distinct voice is not reserved just for the professional vocalist or public speaker – it’s important for everyone. It’s not only what you have to say (or sing), but it’s also how you do it. The rhythm, volume, pitch, clarity, texture, control and power of your voice are all elements that paint a kind […]