Musical Theater Workshop

Participants learn vocal and acting skills as well as choreography and dialogue. We develop a workshop presentation of musical selections from America’s classic Broadway Musicals and each season culminates in a performance.

  • Beginning/Intermediate level
  • Monday 1-3pm
  • Taught by Ellen Robinson (Musical Director)
    and Bruce Bierman (Director/Choreographer)

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2501 Harrison St.
Oakland, CA 94612
510) 444-4755

About Stagebridge

Harmony Ensemble (On break)

An exciting journey into the world of harmony! This is a class for advanced singers who want to take on a variety of musical styles in three parts: jazz, Broadway, pop, 50’s and 60’s, R&B. We’ll address ways to improve your vocal technique and further develop your music reading skills. Audition needed to join this class.

  • Singers need to have the ability to hold their own while singing harmony and some music reading ability is required.
  • Tuesday 3:15-4:45pm
  • Taught by Ellen Robinson